English Lutheran Church of Bateman

Join us for Worship!

Our Sunday Worship starts at 8:30 am and all services are also live-streamed on Facebook & YouTube. For those watching online, please have bread and wine or juice for Holy Communion. 

During the summer months, we also have worship outdoors in the pavilion. Please check the calendar for dates. 


Weekly Bulletin

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Office Hours:

Tuesdays & Thursdays

9am - 2pm

Email: admin@elcbateman.org


Greetings! Thank you checking our website and for wanting to know more about us. At English Lutheran, our mission is to “serve the Lord through worship, fellowship, stewardship and discipleship.” We believe that God loves all people unconditionally. God shows us that love by the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus. God accepts us as we are. We then respond to God’s love through serving God, worshiping God, helping those in need and being generous with our time, money and abilities. We get to share the love of Jesus Christ to our community and world.

Worship is central to who we are. We gather weekly to praise God and hear what God has to say to us in our time and place.  We also have a “PRAYground”; a space for children and parents to color and do quiet activities in the back of the church at any time throughout the service.

We are a church that seeks to serve people in need in our community and in the world. We have had youth and adults go on mission trips and we host a local food pantry for our community.

We invite you to come and worship with us and see what God is up to in our church and in the world. You will be warmly welcomed.

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Directions to ELCB

ELCB is part of One Home One Future, a nation-wide coalition for faith organizations working towards climate justice. 
ELCB is a congregation of the Northwest Synod of Western Wisconsin. Click on the image for more information.
ELCB is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Click on the image for more information.